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Crazy Uncle Root Beer Single Tall Can

Smooth and rich natural flavours of sarsaparilla, sweet birch, wintergreen and licorice root with a creamy vanilla finish. Crisp and

Dos Locos Tequila and Lime Single Tall Can

Made with real tequila, Dos Locos is the totally official pre-mixed beverage of choice. Sweet and tangy lime taste with

Georgian Bay Cranberry Gin Smash Single Tall Can

Made using craft Canadian gin, this smash cocktail has flavours of lemon, lime, cranberry and a touch of coriander. Perfectly

Georgian Bay Tropical Smash Single Tall Can

A full flavour cocktail made using craft Canadian vodka. Filled with bright tropical notes of sweet pineapple, ripe mandarin and

Hey Y’all Green Tea Single Tall Can

Naturally brewed with selected green tea and lightly sweetened with honey. Enjoy the real green tea flavour without any heavy

Matt & Steve’s Spicy Caesar

This Caesar was created by the same duo behind the near-perfect garnish and Caesar complement, The Extreme Bean. This time

Nicelife Gin and Juice 40oz

With more bounce to the ounce, our iconic 40oz bottle of gin and grapefruit juice is made to share. So

Nicelife Passionfruit Orange Guava

We all get swept up in the moment sometimes, especially on vacation.That shell necklace and “Just Got Lei’d” shirt from